How To Fix Showbox Force Closing Error

The Showbox app is one among the most popular application to watch the movies, TV shows, and premieres show on your device for free. While using this app, you might get some errors to the core. This error will occur on Showbox app after the update shows as force closing.  Sometimes it shows same error after the completion of the upgrade.

Mostly this error will be found when upgrading from old version to latest version. When performing this app can get closed and couldn’t able to access it. Even the app doesn’t get closed; we will not get any movies and the error message available on the screen. To avoid those mistakes just follow the given steps.

Steps To Fix Showbox Force Closing Error

The steps to fix Showbox force closing error or no movies available occur.

Step 1: first go to the settings from the Android mobile and select the applications.

Step 2:  after selecting the applications from Android phone it shows the application manager, which contains the list of installed applications. Now you go to the bottom of the screen for locating the Showbox app settings.

showbox fix

Step 3: from Showbox application, go to the settings option and then press the storage.

Step 4: now you can both clear cache and clear data.

Step 5: now your Android phone temporarily disables ad blocker. Once the ad disabled open the Showbox app.

Step 6:  now the app automatically downloads the data from the website. Once this process gets over again enable the ad blocker.

After completing all the above instructions, now the Showbox will not force close or no movies available on your show box app.

Showbox Not Updating Movies

This problem occurs in Windows 7 or 8 on PC or laptop. To solve these issues follow this steps.

  • Open the blue stack application, from that open the Showbox application.
  • Go to time settings and then go to manage applications.
  • Click the Showbox application and start to uninstall the Showbox application form the blue stack.
  • Then starts re-install the Showbox application on your PC or laptop. Now the app will work properly.