Showbox “Video Not Available Try Another Server” Error Fix

How to Fix ShowBox Video Not Available Error: Though ShowBox is one of the very popular apps for watching videos and movies online and offline through the app still many of the users are having some issues with the app and the problem is being searched on Google at a very high frequency by the users. Here, the most common problem searched on Google and on other search engines related to ShowBox app is being discussed with two most relevant solutions for the same problem.

Showbox App Not Working, Video Not Available Error Fix

Problem Statement: it has been reported by many of the ShowBox app users that they are not able to run any of the videos through the app but previously the app was working fine and now when the users are trying to play any video then “Video Not Available” error pops out at the mobile screen again and again each time the user tries to play or watch the video.

Video Not Available Try Another Server

Showbox “Video Not Available Try Another Server” Error

Solution: the above mentioned problem is one of the most common problem faced not only by the ShowBox app users but also by another Live Streaming apps as well. If you are fond of pc then you can try to install showbox for pc as well.

Fix #1: Update to new and latest verion:

To resolve the problem first of all the user must update the ShowBox app with the latest version from the Google Play Store on his/her smartphone. Once try to run the ShowBox app and play any video.

  • Follow these steps to resolve the issue.
  • Download any version or this specific Show box apk.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Now update it to the new version from the link.
  • Later installing, try to watch a video by just tapping on a movie/show.
  • After updating, you must be able to see the films.

Fix #2: Try different servers:

If the problem keep on giving the Video not available, try another server error, before watching the movie. If you’ve problem with any of these platforms, then take a look at these steps.

  • Just keep on tapping on server 1 and then server 2.

showbox error fix

If any of the server does not give the fix then move ahead to fix#3. But make sure you have followed the first step above.

Fix#3: Showbox Not Working/Server Not Available Fix using settings

Even if the latest version of the app is unable to help you out then simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the Settings of your Smartphone.
  • Now tap on the “General Settings” button.
  • Within General Settings tap on the “Application Manager” button.
  • Now select “ShowBox” app amongst all the apps being displayed.
  • Now you will see two separate “Clear Data” & “Clear Cache” buttons.

clear data fix showbox error

  • Now first “Clear Data” of the ShowBox App.
  • Finally tap on “Clear Cache” button.

Once you have followed the above mentioned steps then restart your smartphone just after clearing data and cache of the ShowBox app from your mobile. When the mobile gets switched on, now try again to play the video through the ShowBox app.

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Fix#4: Stream showbox movies using other external player:

  • We need an app that lets you to play ShowBox Movies like MX Player.
  • The best movie player is LocalCast which you can Get this for android smartphones.

use external player to fix issue

  • Now you need to choose the movie you wish to watch. Choose external player to play that movies. Now press on the Watch now button.
  • Now choose LocalCast Free as your media player, then it will ask directly to connect to ChromeCast/DLNA/Xbox.
  • Once you connect to Chromecast, there will be a popup asking your permission to Cast.
  • Now Hit on Cast and Enjoy the movie on Your TV.

Fix#5: If none of the option get your problem solved, use alternatives because:

Sometime showbox team make server changes so you might be facing this issue therefore you need to keep patience in that meanwhile you can use alternatives of showbox to enjoy the movies.

Kindly notice that the updated version is showing, Video not available try another server error. Currently Showbox servers are down. They will fix it very soon, till then keep visiting this blog and bookmark it for more updates on this issue. Don’t worry, this problem won’t take much time to get resolved. We’re talking to Showbox developers.

Note: the tutorial provided above to resolve the “Video Not Available” problem for the ShowBox users is mentioned here for just for the android users. Rest of the OS (Operating System) users can follow the same steps however the buttons or the path may differ from mobile to mobile and manufacturing company to company. Still it is hopeful that this tutorial may help the other OS such as Windows Phone, iOS, Kindle, Bada, Java and other users as well.